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Sparsh Gupta (b.1994, Kolkata) 

is a fine artist currently working out of his studio in Gurgaon.


He has trained and honed his skills under the light of the old

and new masters in Italy, Sweden and USA 

and is an alumni of The Florence Academy of Art, Italy.


He observes and interprets life through visuals. His work

entails reality and reverie by drawing inspiration from daily



Elements such as gestures, emotional and psychological

needs and existence, create visuals which provide the viewer

with space to formulate their own individualistic relationship

with his subject matter.


His broad-ranging body of work includes painting, drawing,

sculpting, utility and fashion products created by

amalgamating his world of art and design.


2019 Florence Academy of Art

Florence, Italy

2018 Florence Academy of Art

New Jersey, USA

2016-2018 Florence Academy of Art

Florence, Italy

2015-2016 Florence Academy of Art

Mölndal, Sweden

2013 - 2014 Pearl Academy | Fashion Media Communication

New Delhi


2020 Spaces & Forms

DAG museums, Ghare Baire, Kolkata

2018 Three Sixty x Sparsh Gupta

New Delhi, India


2022 Into the light  

Art of Change Hamra Studio, Beirut, Lebanon


2022 Renaissance Group Exhibition 

Museo Camera, Gurgaon, India


Cube Gallery, Goa, India

2022 FAA Today

Online Show, Florence, Italy

2021 Colours of Independence

Bombay Art Society, India

2019 Three Sixty

The Luxury Symposium, Hyatt Regency hotel

New Delhi, India

2019 Saga

AIFACS (All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society), Delhi,India

2018 Three Sixty x Sparsh Gupta

Three Sixty Store, Sultanpur, New Delhi, India

2018 Drawing is Dead

Studio Khirki, New Delhi, India

2018 Micasa Exhibit

Nivasa, New Delhi, India



2019 National Award in Drawing category at the 92nd Annual All India Art Exhibition

AIFACS, Delhi, India


2020 Open studio platform for artist

DAG museums, Ghare Baire, Kolkata


2022 Printmaking, Beirut Printmaking Studio | BPS

Beirut, Lebanon

2019 Landscape painting, Daniela Astone

Florence, Italy

2018 Composition II, Janne Jääskeläinen & FAA

Mölndal, Sweden

2018 Techniques & Traditions, Toby Neve & FAA

Florence, Italy

2017 Nature & Landscape Painting, Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund

Saxnäs, Sweden

2017 Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing, Achieving Oneness with the higher soul, advanced & Pranic psychotherapy

Gurgaon, India

2014 Summer School, The Florence Academy of Art

Florence, Italy


2021 Collaborated and designed a collection of unisex clothing for Naveli


2020- present Co-founded Art and Artisans; A platform affiliated with Global Challenged Forum (GCF)

providing a platform for emerging artisans & artists.


2020 Curated and hosted a drawing workshop (The language of Graphite)

DAG museums, Ghare Baire, Kolkata, India

2020 Lectured on “Self as a Subject in Arts”; self portraits & its evolution over the years

DAG museums, Ghare Baire, Kolkata, India

2015 Chief Illustrator for L’Officiel India Magazine August 2015 issue



2015 August L’Officiel India August 2015 issue


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