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A Horizon has always been a whisper of spirituality, the expanse and space that makes you conscious of your breath and of life.


Even during a busy day while pacing down the road, dodging people - a glimpse of it acts a as a light dose of tranquilliser and makes the heart beat a lighter note.

Who hasn’t exhaled out their worries looking at the horizon? The meeting point of what lays above and what lies below. At distance they both meet, yes they do act like a mirage but
it provides us with the sense of oneness within us and around us.


During his time training overseas, Sparsh spent quite many hours of his weeks staring at the horizon looking for answers from within and from outside, and it always provided him with space and solace to find the answers. 


Being inspired from the comfort and joy of living in the moment and feeling one with yourself and your surrounding he produced four oil on canvas :-





These works then inspired him to create artisanal pieces of fine leather products and stately cashmere stoles.

The designs of which speak of balance and diversity, being minimalist and flamboyant at the same
time providing comfort to the eyes of the beholder even while they are floating away in their daily hustle bustle. 

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